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CHORD Therapeutics

Drug development for rare neurological diseases




CRD1 is a best-in-class therapy in its primary approved indication and is available only through a course of repeated infusions or injections.  CHORD’s program takes advantage of a large body of published data and clinical experience with CRD1 and has identified a range of new potential uses for a novel oral formulation of CRD1 in orphan and other patient populations with very significant unmet medical needs.

From these options CHORD’s projects are chosen to develop new treatments for two neurological diseases with very high unmet needs.

  • Scientific fit: pathophysiologies with elements known to be effectively addressed by CRD1’s mechanism of action.
  • Unmet need: life-threatening or severely disabling chronic diseases, with no approved therapy existing today.
  • Rare diseases that receive little attention from large companies, and which are strong candidates for the benefits of the Orphan Drug Designation and Orphan Medicinal Product Designation regulatory provisions.